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Pens For centuries, we've let our thoughts, ideas and knowledge flow out in writing. Even now, we continue to use the pen, alongside the new technologies available to us.
When asked: What is the perfect pen for me? we recommend you keep these essential factors in mind:
Comfort: It's important that a pen be easy to use, lightweight and well balanced, with a diameter that fits comfortably in your hand. You should be able to write with it without feeling tired, especially if you mean to use it on a regular basis. It's also a great help if the pen can be refilled without much fuss.
Prestige: If your idea is to own or give a gift of a writing instrument that, aside from being functional is also distinctive, attractive, and which has a certain flair, then design also plays a key factor. The shape, the decorative details, the material, its finish and texture, the colour, inlay patterns, engravings, coatings and of course the exclusiveness and quality that only can be found in the most prestigious brands. For the technology buff, there are even pen sets sold with a matching USB memory stick.

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